my art

Repurposing Saris


By the time my insideout garments reach you,  the saris which were once worn by women of India, have already been repurposed by them into Kantha quilts.

What are Kantha quilts?


When the Saris have served the purpose of daily outer clothing, their owners place two or three of them on top of one another and stitch them together using the “Kantha quilting stitch”. 

A new purpose


The quilts are then used as blankets for the children of the women who made them.



The quilts have colorful fabric on their fronts and backs so I am able to make the garments reversible by finishing the seams inside and out.

The Process


I construct each insideout garment myself from the washing of the quilts as I receive them, to decisions about the best design for each according to the print on the fabrics and the cutting and sewing. I love the surprise each new piece presents.

The Product


To date I am producing coats, vests, skirts and the occassional home decoration. Thus far I have shown my work at small home boutiques and in my studio.  Stay tuned for future showings.  

If you would like to host a showing in your home or have a private showing in my studio please contact me at

About Me and the art of repurposing Kanthas

De Anne, an artist who happens to know how to sew.


I’ve been an artist since I was a child.

My first solo exhibit was of autobiographical narrative quilts in 1997.  They measured up to 6’x6’ and were hung from the ceiling of the exhibition space. I loved the dramatic display.  

(My undergraduate degree is in Theater Arts). I went on to study the human form, expressing myself in paint and clay. Now I have come full circle and am working with quilts again.

Making all kinds of art excites me.


  I am a process artist who loves the tactile aspects of art making.  Textures, shapes, colors and layers bring out the imagination in me. I love using what I have right in front of me creatively.

I began the repurposing project in just that way. I was laying on the couch recovering from a foot surgery when I noticed the mismatched colors and patterns in a recently purchased kantha quilt. 

The Garments


So the project began.  One of  my purposes, other than creating fun and exciting clothing for myself and women like me, is to help provide funds for one of the most devastating childhood mortatlity challenges of our world today. Death from contaminated water.

I am contributing a portion of the profits for each garment purchased to charitable organizations whose goal it is to provide clean water to the countries most in need, one of which is India.  This year I was able to contribute $400.00 to "Women of the Wells" toward the building of a well. 

(FYI) One new Well can be built for less than 2,000 dollars.